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Flight Delays

Taos Air may encounter delays related to weather or other reasons.  In these instances, customers will be notified by Taos Air via email of any delay and updated every 15 minutes regarding status.  

In the event your flight is diverted to another city, guests using Taos Transportation will be transported to/from that city to meet the flight. Those guests who rented cars from Mountain View Shuttle can drop off the car in Santa Fe but will be responsible for arranging transportation from Santa Fe. Those guests who arranged other transportation through Mountain View Shuttle are advised to contact Mountain View Shuttle for arrangements. 

Customers who have any questions can call 833.359.8267 (FLY TAOS)

What Are the Taos Air In-Flight Amenities?

Wifi and phone charging
Wifi and phone charging ports are not available on Taos Air flights.

Food & Beverages
Taos Air will offer complimentary snack and beverage service during flights.  Most products will be provided by fellow B Corporations. Please note that COVID-19 may impact our ability to provide this onboard during the flight.  

Will I have to go Through the TSA Security Checkpoint When Using Taos Air?

No. After you purchase your ticket online, guests will board flights at our facilities at the Austin, Dallas/Love Field, Carlsbad-San Diego, or Hawthorne-Los Angeles airports. These facilities do not have TSA Security Checkpoints. However, guests 18 years or older will be required to present a government-issued I.D. The only acceptable forms of identification are: an enhanced driver’s license, passport, state ID or a valid unexpired government-issued PHOTO ID.  If you do not have a valid ID in your possession, you will be denied boarding.

How Long is the Flight?

City PairTravel Time
Taos to Austin2 hours
Austin to Taos2 hours, 6 minutes
Taos to Dallas-Love Field1 hour, 36 minutes
Dallas-Love Field to Taos1 hour, 54 minutes
Taos to Hawthorne (Los Angeles)2 hours, 18 minutes
Hawthorne (Los Angeles) to Taos2 hours
Taos to Carlsbad (San Diego)2 hours, 12 minutes
Carlsbad (San Diego) to Taos2 hours

Who Operates the Airplane?

The air carrier that operates Taos Air flights is Advanced Air, LLC. As the direct air carrier, Advanced Air, LLC is responsible for all aspects of the flight services.  Advanced Air, LLC is a respected and growing charter and FBO operator in the southwest United states and has become the turn-key air service provider for leaders in business, sport, and entertainment.  

Advanced Air is recognized by the Department of Transportation as a Direct Air Carrier with Commuter Status.  The company maintains an ARG/US Platinum safety rating. Director of Operations Mike Wootton of the Air Charter Safety Foundation Board of Governors and helps establish the Foundation’s strategic goals, policies, and programs. He directly contributes to the Air Charter Safety Foundation’s Vision to promote and enable the highest levels of safety in business aviation.

What is Public Air Charter Service?

Public charters are considered a semi-private flight experience – offering convenient, VIP service from crowd-free private terminals with contactless check-in. Public Charters are regulated by Department of Transportation regulations published in Title 14 CFR Part 380 and provide enhanced consumer protection by specifying minimum contract terms and imposing requirements for handling of passenger funds.

Taos Air is a public/private partnership dedicated to providing air service to/from Taos and the Enchanted Circle region. Partners include: